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ShirleyAnn Pearman

Southampton, Bermuda

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Bermuda Loquats, Loquat Jam Making And Baking With Loquat Jam


Bermuda Loquats, Loquat Jam And Baking Treats’ Photos And Videos 

Recipe of Loquat Jam by Bermuda Best Recipes by Mrs.  Matthew Thompson 

February marks the beginning of the Loquat Season in Bermuda.  Generally the Loquat trees bloom and harvest beautifully with bright color leaves and bright yellow or golden Loquat fruit that last throughout February and March.

The Loquats are picked by locals and tourist alike and utilized in many capacities.

In this blog post I will be highlighting Loquat Jam.  I have been for many years desirous to make the jam and finally this week made the jam through following the instructions in Bermuda’s Best Recipes Cookbook with a Recipe by Mrs.  Matthew Thompson.

Photos and videos are located here. 

Recipe located here. 

Thank you Bermuda for producing Bermuda’s Best Recipes so that people like me can do some of Bermuda’s historical recipes like Loquat Jam.

It was a good experience and I enjoyed making it, as well as eating it.

In the photos you will see some of the delicious treats and sweets that were made, but ran out of jam before I can make more baking treats.

Maybe before the season is finished I can make some more and make more baking treats to blog for the blog readers.

Thank You

Have a good day.

Shirley-Ann Pearman

Recipe Marketing